CR-396: Thank you my listeners!

Something has been brought to my attention………..7 minute podcast.

Thank you so much  to you my listeners!

Thank you for listening to today’s message.

We are changing  and becoming less heavy in our thoughts and worries  as each week  passes by during this season of lent.  We have spoken about those actions that bring us closer to God.  RE-igniting  the passion, love and hope that each of us carries within us…….

Listen to today’s podcast for complete message.  Thank you for listening.

Smiles & Hugs

Your Rosary maker-

Prayer Request: I ask you to please join me in prayer for a gentlemen just trying to find his way after a tragic event in his life.  We light this candle for you and pray that you find peace in your life once again through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen-

Prayer Request: Please join me in prayer for Katie who has been looking for a job.  Many of us know how stressful this time can be so let us join in prayer and include Katie’s Health and well-being. We light this candle for you, Katie.  You will remain in our prayers.