CR-464: A Prayer For Tom

A Prayer request from a listener:  “All Prayer warriors, I ask of you right how if you would please say a prayer for my husbands friend Tom. Due to an accident yesterday it caused for brain surgery this morning and he needs a touch by God in a mighty way. I ask you to pray for Jeff as he is close to him and he is a mentor and this is very difficult for him right how. May God heal this wonderful man, may God give his beautiful wife and children comfort and may this be used to show people how mighty in healing he is. Please pray for this beautiful spirited couple. Lord hear my prayer !!”

Dear Listener, We join you in prayer for Tom and his family/friends. God Bless You-


Peace & blessings


CR-463: Building Our Spiritual and Human Relationships

Please include our Holy Father Pope Francis In Your Prayers.  Pray for Peace In our world. Please keep me your  Rosary  Maker in your Prayers.  Thank you.ROSARIES 005

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