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About This Blog- Life Through the eyes of a Rosary maker. A Place To Nourish The Mind, Body and Soul: Cieloscent Rosary, Cieloscent Talk Radio & Skincare Talk Radio. There is great power in prayer and unity. Together we examine the word of God and apply his principles to our post topic. We invite you to share your comments and life experiences with us. It is my hope that this blog empowers you to reach your highest human potential. Cieloscent Rosary Artisan Studio offers a gallery with our custom designed rosaries. Choose the design that best suits your occasion. Thank you for allowing me the honor of being your Rosary maker.. Smiles & Hugs- Your Rosary maker

CR-573: Always Hope

20170729_151613Psalm 14. There is always hope.

True love is not forced.

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May God Bless You with Joy & Health- Cieloscent







CR-572: Transform Your Life. Begin Again and Be at peace.

20170729_151613April 8, 2018-Cieloscent shares the story of the Woman who broke the law of Moses.

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