CR-517: You can make a difference in baby steps

The Holy Rosary Front Cover
Cieloscent Recommendations:

CR 390 : Ash Wednesday-Taking A Spiritual Inventory-

A time to reflect and meditate upon our personal relationship with Jesus.  An examination of our spiritual life and what no longer serves us.  If something is not positive and does not serve you -a child of God- then it certainly will not serve Jesus.  It is forty days where we are out of our comfort zone and become a pure voice of truth to repent and cleanse. Lent a time of self-reflection and sacrifice. The Ashes on your forehead today serve as a reminder that the old is dead and renewal begins.  Let go of that which does not serve God, Jesus and humanity.  The ashes on your forehead  show the world that you separate yourself from worldly desires and concentrate on God and your spiritual journey.  Yes, we are all sinners and we can all begin again through Christ who strengthen us.

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