CR-595: Our Relationship With Food and God’s Presence

HematitePrayer of a Rosary Maker   Thank you loving Blessed Mother Mary for this precious gift, the rosary. Guide my hands and my heart as I fashion these beads to be used in your honor to praise thy Son. Let each bead be filled with love and patience; let love pass through my fingers to unknown hands; and let patience prevail where prayers may seem unanswered. Teach me that I do this task only through the merits of your divine Son, for without him I can accomplish nothing. Let my numbers be known only to you and to Him. I offer this for the greater glory of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. -St. Francis of Assisi Church, Henderson NV


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etsyproductimagecoverOn Skincare Talk Radio, we’re trying an antioxidant  dietary lifestyle that you may wish to learn more about.For skin and health Dietary Lifestyle-LINK  As you know, I believe that throughout your life your dietary habits will change according to your body’s needs. This is why I don’t like labels but I do stand strongly behind consuming more plant based foods and the least processed foods as possible for optimum health. Always consult with your medical Doctor before changing your dietary or any life habits that affect health.