CR-671: ANGELS and all who “teach” about them. “Here’s the thing….”

Nativity and AngelsToday’s conversation is about those individuals who teach others about Angels. What do we beleive? What about Angel Cards? Conversation with Cieloscent-The Rosary maker Cieloscent Rosary. Faith Based

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CR-669: Building your character by nourishing the soul

IMGP1157Our other podcasts-Welcome: Cieloscent Rosary. Faith Based

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CR-658: About Angels

Thank you my guardian angel!

Our other podcasts-Welcome: Cieloscent Rosary. Faith Based

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CR-504: The Shepherds And The Angels

I Have Set The Lord Always Before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be  moved.” Psalm 16:8
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