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CR-534: How To Become A Rosary Maker- Listener Question

Thank you Dear listener For Your Question! God Bless You!

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Please Include (S) in your prayers. She lost her job and it has been a difficult time for her family.  We pray with and for you.  God Bless you,.

CR-532: How Do We Show Hospitality Nowadays?

Hebrew 13:2

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CR-531: God Rested On the Seventh Day

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CR-526: How Your Parish Serves The Community

On this episode, I talk about the services or help available at your local church.  Thank you for listening!The Holy Rosary Front Cover

“I’m a relapsed Catholic, who is still learning to pray. This marvelous book, will help me do just that, learn to pray. Thank you Cieloscent, especially for teaching me how to pray to St. Anthony!”  Review from our book shop!

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CR-524: Having Faith In What You Don’t See.

The Holy Rosary Front Cover
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