CR-541: You were born here on purpose WITH a purpose!

Let Your Light shine!  What were you born to be? Thank you for listening!  Cieloscent


Prayer Request:  Please Keep (H) in your prayers.  She needs our support in prayer on continuing her mission.  (H) You got this because your greatest fan is God. We pray with and for you!

God bless You, dear heart!




CR-498: Prayer Requests


PRAYER Request for a stay-at home mom who is asking for our prayers for her life decisions.
PRAYER for a business owner concerned about the the growth of their business.
God Bless you all!

Sending  Smiles, Hugs and Love-     

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CR-459: Spring Cleaning Your Body, Mind and Soul

    1.  Fasting*
    2.  Prayer
    3.  Do something Nice for another

Please include our Holy Father Pope Francis In Your Prayers.  Pray for Peace In our world. Please keep me your  Rosary  Maker in your Prayers.  Thank you.

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