CR-607: “Angel is the name of their office…”. (1)

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CR-605: Feast Of Our Lady Of The Rosary-October 07

Full title: The Virgin in Prayer Artist: Sassoferrato Date made: 1640-50 Source: Contact: Copyright © The National Gallery, LondonThere is no way that the Battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571 could have been won without the praying of the Rosary.

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“Life Through the eyes Of A Rosary maker”

CR-599: A Prayer For My Friend

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Please pray a decade when praying the Rosary for the Catholic Deliverance Power where I found this beautiful prayer.. Please include me your Rosary Maker in your prayers. Thank you! God bless you with joy, peace and love. Cieloscent-

To my dear friend: May your life begin to unfold according to God’s will and fill you with great joy all the days of your life.  This I pray for you, dear heart. Cieloscent-


Thank you Saint Anthony for the miracles that you perform daily for us who are quite often lost. 



July 29, 2018



Prayer of a Rosary Maker   Thank you loving Blessed Mother Mary for this precious gift, the rosary. Guide my hands and my heart as I fashion these beads to be used in your honor to praise thy Son. Let each bead be filled with love and patience; let love pass through my fingers to unknown hands; and let patience prevail where prayers may seem unanswered. Teach me that I do this task only through the merits of your divine Son, for without him I can accomplish nothing. Let my numbers be known only to you and to Him. I offer this for the greater glory of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. -St. Francis of Assisi Church, Henderson NV





CR-588: Praying The Rosary



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Have a beautiful & blessed day filled with love.

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